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Horizon Update December 2019

‘The only constant in life is change’ a wise Greek philosopher said, and it strikes me that part of our ability to manage the constant uncertainties of ‘What happens now, what happens next?’ lies in accepting that things will always change, so we need to ride the waves of the ups and downs rather than try to fight the sea.

We’re always changing at Horizon. We have new therapists who join us at different stages in their profession – some are at the very beginning of their exciting new career change, and others are well established in their practice but may have moved into the area and are putting down roots in our beautiful country.

Others are resting themselves after a long happy career and are looking forward to the freedom of retirement – we miss them of course and at the same time welcome the new colleagues who are
offering such a valuable service to out community.

Over the last year for example, we have been joined by reflexologists Nicola and Annie, both highly established in their field, who have moved to Wales. Like -wise we have Rachel, well- practiced in Shiatsu, and Georgina who does incredible work in the field of PTSD has brought Clare to the centre to extend her services.

The wide variety of treatments is constantly ebbing and flowing – at the moment we are welcoming the yoga practices offered by Jacek and Rebecca and Angela with and the amazing child therapy
provided by Maggie and Holly from Windfall.

I could go on and on about the regulars who have been at Horizon for years offering amazing treatments, and who are treasured colleagues – I am constantly grateful for their input to the ambience of our Therapy Centre as they really make it what it is. So, if you are looking for some solace, guidance, support or soothing in these exceptionally tempestuous times, email me.

Not all of our therapists are listed on the website, and so please contact me and I can put you in touch with someone who may be able to offer just what you’re looking for.
– Catherine

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