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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We all experience the world through our senses in different ways, translating sensory information into thought processes which helps us formulate our own ‘Map of the world’ or ‘Map of reality’. This in turn activates our neurological system that affects, physiology, emotions and behaviour.

We couldn’t possibly process every piece of information we receive in any one second, so we Delete, Distort and Generalise the information presented to us through a system of filters in order to create our own perception of the world.

This is why two people having the same experience can see it in totally different ways, stimulating differing behaviour. In this way, it is easy to imagine how a person can become stuck-in or restricted by their past experiences which can affect their ability to perform. Fear of public speaking is a prime example of how a person’s perception or map of reality can affect them adversely.

Much of NLP work is performed in the waking state and in essence NLP is a technology, which empowers you with the tools and abilities to change anything about your life that does not reflect who you are today.

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