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The Power of NOW

One of the most beautifully written, effective self help books that I recommend to clients is Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Practising the Power of Now’. Slim and easy to read, the message is overwhelmingly powerful.

When we are troubled, or in emotional distress, we are always thinking about the past or worrying about the future. This time travel is pointless, and painful.

As Tolle says, ‘Have you ever experienced, done, thought, or felt anything outside the Now? Do you think you ever will?’

Logically then, right Now this minute, we have no problems. If something arises, we can do something about it NOW, or accept it as being something that can’t be addressed in the NOW, and return to the problem- free present moment.

This is much easier said than done, and I have returned to this book time and time again when the practice of focusing on the present gets lost in the chaos, and everyday living drags past and future thinking back. Suddenly, worry and regret take up residence, and the serenity of just being in the Now, and the freedom this involves is lost. Perseverance is key.

If your thoughts are distressing you, causing you anxiety or anger or depression, I would highly recommend this book.

If you recognise that a way of doing something about your problem is to talk to someone about it, you could contact one of our counsellors or other therapists. We can help you address thoughts and guide to addressing the issues that arise, or accepting them.

We are lucky to have a wide range of counsellors who have chosen to work at Horizon, with many different areas of expertise. Not all of them are listed on the website currently, so if you have a particular issue that you want to address, just contact us and you will be directed to the counsellor most able to meet your needs.

The choice is yours. In any case, why not practice the art of focusing and giving complete attention to what is going on for you right now. The thoughts you are having, the physical sensations that your body is experiencing. Pay close attention. Notice to your thoughts as if you were listening to a conversation going on at the next table in a restaurant, but don’t join in.

I hope you experience, if only momentarily, the relief and freedom from your mind, and the power of Now.

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