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Spinal Touch Treatment

Spinal Touch Treatment

Spinal Touch treatment may help with a wide range of needs, including muscular-skeletal issues. It involves no manipulation, only gentle touch to target areas of tension and promote re-alignment of the spine. Working holistically to ease tensions and assist a wide range of health issues; People have found Spinal Touch helpful for the following (for help with a specific issue please enquire)


Back pain
Balance Problems
Digestive Problems
Knee and foot problems
Neck pain / discomfort
Pins and needles/ numbness
Poor alignment/ posture
Recovery from injury
An assessment is made using simple measurements to access spinal alignment, both at the start and finish of the treatment. The treatment is non-manipulative, only using a light touch to target key areas of muscle, releasing harmful tension and encouraging the proper alignment of the body to establish more effortlessly.

Spinal Touch Treatment and Stress: Any stress, whether emotional, mental or physical can result in an imbalance at the body’s centre of gravity. Continuation of this stress can contribute not only to physical discomforts but also emotional holding patterns. Therefore a Spinal Touch treatment will work holistically to correct the source of the issue, undoing the relevant tensions which pull us out of balance, which will assist with the free-flow of energy through the spine and the rest of the body. Read more

Session length: 1 hour Read more (A minimum of two sessions are recommended in most cases. The number of sessions will depend on your particular issue. Many people experience relief in just two sessions. In some cases, top up sessions are sometimes required to maintain results.

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