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It feels like the beginning of a new era. The shiny new signs announcing Horizon Therapy Centre are glinting in the summer light. Passers by are beginning to pop in and ask questions.
I’m slightly excited and slightly trepidatious about what will come of this project. I have always wanted to run my own therapy centre, and that would always be my response to the question of what I would do with any lottery winnings. Then, one day, in a quiet moment waiting for a client to arrive, I had a sudden thought. ‘ I don’t actually need to win the lottery – why wait for something that may never happen?’
A few months later, I’m here now, writing the beginning of the blog that will be part of the new website. I’m not a writer, I’m more of a listener and talker. But I do want to share the life-changing experiences that can come from taking a risk and venturing away from the everyday accepted solutions to our problems.
Physical, psychological and spiritual well being are all addressed in different ways at Horizon with those willing to look for alternatives to what 21st century orthodox medicine has to offer. Of course, there is so much that is extraordinary about what doctors and scientists have achieved, and we would never discourage anyone from seeking medical attention.
However, believing that conventional medicine has all the answers limits the possibilities of change for so many people.
Let’s take depression and anxiety as an example. The medical profession, so geared to believing in the power of pharmacological solutions, hand over anti-depressants like magic sweets.
The mental anguish may be calmed temporarily, may not change at all , or may get worse due to the side effects. But because financial restrictions have undermined the all-important relationship between doctor and patient, the doctor doesn’t really know whether the medication – perhaps given by some past GP at some earlier date – has helped, or hindered.
He just keeps methodically handing them out, as he can offer no other alternative. The opportunity to actually talk to someone at any length about what’s behind the feelings of depression and anxiety is not usually an option – a typical experience is that after a four month wait, the client is given a session with a Community Psychiatric Nurse who will send them to some group sessions on how to deal with stress.
The NHS system treats symptoms but does not have the time or the resources to look for the root causes. Instead of looking at the whole person, each individual ailment is isolated and dealt with, sometimes by completely different doctors who are unaware of what the other is doing. This leads to the patient not feeling listened to, or considered important in their treatment. If this has been your experience you may feel demoralised and despairing.
What we can offer you are professionals who have years of experience in working in a different way. At Horizon, we listen very carefully, and at length to what your issues are. We will work with you to uncover the root causes of these issues, and offer alternative ways of treating them if medically appropriate. We will not undermine your medical doctor, but work with the treatments you are having to enhance your health. What we can offer most of all is the therapeutic relationship, where you will experience a sense of genuine care for your wellbeing, backed up by the skills and knowledge to make a difference.
So, the purpose of this blog is to make available any information, news or ideas that will encourage you to widen your perpectives on what you could do to make yourself better.
I’ll be inviting other therapists to contribute their wisdom and experienced views, and will be regularly updating with any new events that may be of interest. If you have any questions or comments, or feedback from visiting Horizon, I’d love to hear from you. Just use the email address on the website.

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