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Open Day Launch

The Open Day launch came and went so quickly, and so much has happened since, that its only now that I’m getting a chance to reflect on last Thursday’s event. The weather was summer-like, so much so that we had to open the kitchen door to allow a breeze through, and when Phil Bennett and his wife Pat arrived, the therapists , would-be clients and adoring fans all stood in the unseasonal warmth as he cut the red ribbon and declared the centre officially open.

I’m happy to say that all went smoothly throughout the day, with a steady stream of interested passers-by popping in to find out about the services we offer. What was really valuable was the quality time we therapists managed to spend with each other throughout the day – this is a complete rarity, as we are normally ships that pass throughout the days and evenings with only a five minute chat if we happen to be waiting for a client at the same time. We all got to know each other a little better and learn a bit more about the newer services we were providing. We have a few new therapists and it was great for them to be able to promote their work and get to know us.

Bridgette from Zodiac provided us with some amazing naturopathic snacks to keep us going – the very more-ish raw chocolate disappeared quickly and the kale crisps were a huge hit.

Many people took up the offer of the taster sessions to get a feel for the different therapies and were delighted with the results – it also gave some the chance to find out a bit more about our counselling services without making any commitments.

All in all, a positive day, and a great beginning for Horizon – its wonderful to be working around so many skilled and lovely people, so thanks to all who put in so much effort to the day, it was certainly worth it.

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