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Autumnal Growth

October is in many ways a better time to start new things and make new resolutions than January. During the long hot summer, or in our case moderately warm changeable summer we’ve had time to reflect on how our life is progressing. Is it the way we want it to be? If not, the new autumn season is a far more suitable time to tweak what needs tweaking, than the cold dark miserable winter. The odds are stacked against making healthy choices when your cupboard is still full of Christmas chocolate.

In October the days are still long enough, the weather pleasant enough, and the calender empty enough to try something new, while the crisp change in the air temperature signifies the start of something different ahead.
We have plenty at Horizon for those who want to introduce changes to their lifestyle. Pilates is a relaxing but incredibly effective way of keeping your body centred and flexible. There are a range of healthy eating courses and therapies to help you make the most of your food and lose weight in a safe and lasting way. Our Mindfulness group will allow you the chance to experience a calm serenity in a friendly group setting, and of course we have a range of therapies to help you with individual issues, from hypnotherapy to counselling.

Now is as good a time as any, and tomorrow never quite arrives, so why not make October the month where your new resolutions actually happen.

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