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Spring Forward to the New

Spring has sprung, and it feels as though after the dark winter a fresh new excitement is resonating through Horizon, not least because of the new therapists who have come on board and are bringing new practices to complement our long held traditional therapies.
So, for example we have Sophie James, a new aromatherapist who has brought the practice of Lava Shell Therapy to the centre (so relaxing!), and Caroline Davies, who as a Life Coach is bringing a whole new aspect of holistic work , focussing on client’s goals, their strategies to achieve them and the all important motivation levels needed to sustain change.
We are really delighted to welcome an experienced and extremely knowledgeable homeopath Emma Kamio, who may be well known to you as a pilates teacher. She may be able to fit in a pilates class at Horizon, so if anyone is interested in attending, let me know.
Deborah Parry has joined us recently too – her hypnotherapy practice (Mind Magic) is flourishing already as word of mouth recommendations spread.
And of course it goes without saying that the established therapists are already offering a fantastic range of services – if you haven’t done so already, check them out on the therapists’ page, as most of what you may need is there.
The new therapists are busy working with us already, but Sophie, Deborah and Emma aren’t on the website yet – if you’d like to make an appointment with them, just email or call me and I’ll put you in touch with them.

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